Will Medical Tect Rule The World?

You’re scared that Health technology will take over the world? If this is the case, you should. We’re living in a fast-changing world thanks to the advent of robots, artificial intelligence (AI), biotech, and BioInfo. Many of the jobs we have today will not exist in 2030. How healthcare technology has captivated us, in a good or ill way is the most intriguing aspect of this. This article takes a gander at how our lives might change if this turns into a reality.

Danger Everywhere, Be Careful Heads, Above The Rest

Haven’t GOT COVID? You’re in luck.

Is it possible that all of these vaccines are part of a bioterrorist scheme?

It’s easy for viruses to cause pandemics. Your genes can now be altered with the help of CRISPR technology. Which is becoming cheaper to run and therefore more accessible to individuals bent on bioterrorism. Viruses are easy to manipulate in labs, but what if you want to attach nanoparticles to drugs? A genetic mutation-causing nanoparticle, perhaps? In the future, what are the chances that this mutation may have serious consequences? Assume your family has reached the end of its lifespan. The world should pay attention to this issue since it is quite serious. What if army personnel’s DNA was tainted? Then your army will be powerless to act.

Some instances of bioterrorism in medical technology:

  • It’s been done before. The United States postal service delivered anthrax spores in 2001. Overall, 22 people were infected with anthrax, and 5 people died as a result.
  • The bacteria that causes cholera, Vibrio cholerae, has been weaponized in the past by the U.S., Japan, South Africa, and Iraq, among others. There are many more examples like these.

Every Danger Problem Has Solution – What More Could You Want?

Countries should be required to produce their own vaccinations and medications so that they may be certain of what they are ingesting and consuming. They should have their own check and balance labs. Developed countries have such kinds of labs, but not the developing countries. Education should be improved. More students should enroll in Artificial intelligence and Bioscience engineering programs, according to the assessment.

Now let us Go Into a Parallel Universe…..

Advancements in medical technology:

As medical technology advances, we’ve seen new means of identifying and treating ailments as well as new strategies to prevent and cure them. Patients’ quality of life has increased, and health care delivery has become more efficient as a result.

Amazing top 19 medical technology in 2021:

Following are the interesting medical techs, innovations, and devices(The Ten Hottest Medical Technologies – What to Know)(12 Innovations That Will Change Health Care in the 2020s | Time):


1. Advanced Telemedicine

2. Drug Development

3. Data Driven Healthcare

4. NanoMedicines

5. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

6. Robotic Surgical Systems

7. The use of digital aides in healthcare

8. Medical supplies supplied via drone

9. Cancer-diagnosing artificial intelligence


10. 5G- enabled devices

11. Tricorders

12. Smarter pacemakers,

13. The chip-based lab

14. Wearables

15. A mind-reading wristband

16. In-pocket ultrasound

17. 3-D digital hearts

18. Rehab in virtual reality

19. Neuralink chips

Futuristic Medical Innovations

As a result of the reduced latency, 5G sensors and medical equipment are able to collect data almost instantly. This will lead to better outcomes for patients. In the future, 5G, healthcare, and robots will all be combined in some way. The brain has been revolutionized by new technologies. Elon Musk’s Neuralink may be able to implant chips in humans in the next year or two after implanting chips in monkeys. As a result of technological advances in the past few decades, many of us feel like we’re living in a science fiction movie. Many new breakthroughs, such as Holographic anatomy and Google contact lenses will be available in the near future, 3D-printed medications and organs as well as intelligent knife surgery, quicker clinical trials, and more(10 Futuristic Medical Innovations That May Redefine Our Lives).

Healthcare Tect, A Big Economic hub:

According to European Patent Office (EPO), 2021, the Patent Index for medical technology is even more than digital communication, computer technology, and many more. Read the website to see more details about how medical tech is becoming a big part of the revenue industry. Healthcare’s big data market is expected to reach nearly $70 billion by 2025, according to Bain, a consultancy firm(EPO – Statistics and Trends).


WE Should Battle TO Hold Clinical Innovation Back from Administering THE WORLD. Like most things, innovation has its potential gains and disadvantages. An excess of force amassed in one region is never something worth being thankful for, and we need to play it safe now before it’s past the point of no return. We expect that this article has given you some understanding of the possible fate of medical technology. Assuming you need to keep up to date on the most recent advances, make certain to like and follow us via online media!

Figure 1 ((338) THE BRAIN CHIP By Neuralink ! Future Is Now – YouTube)
Figure 3(3D Printed Human Organs: Making Future Transplant Wait Lists Shorter?)



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Will Medical Tect Rule The World?

You’re scared that Health technology will take over the world? If this is the case, you should. This article takes a gander at how our lives might change if this turns into a reality.

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