We provide high-quality healthcare services to the patients at the comfort of their homes.

Online Pharmacy

Equitable provision of authentic medicines has been a challenge in the healthcare industry; patients should have access to essential medicines at all times for the maintenance of their health. However, patients often struggle to find the right medicine at the right time. To cater to the needs of patients, we provide an online multivendor pharmacy marketplace where customers can simply order the medicines from the pharmacist of their choice. This model will allow the customers to compare the products offered by different pharmacists and choose the best for themselves while sitting at their homes. There is no more need to search for medicines at different pharmacy stores when you can simply use your phone to get them delivered to your home, saving time and cost.

Online Blood Bank

Communication between blood donors and patients plays a crucial role in saving lives. To make this communication fastest, reliable and efficient, Paak Health provides a feature of an online blood bank to its customers to connect blood donors with patients. Users can register themselves as blood donors and connect with donors already registered on the app through this feature. Make your life easier and manage your blood donations on your smartphone anytime.