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We provide various kind
of services for you

PaakHealth, a unique integrated healthcare platform, offers an easy solution for online consultation
and appointments, and offers medicines delivery along with emergency
services in the comfort of home.


now you can order your prescribed
medicines regardless your location across the
country just on a single click.


PaakHealth is providing you the
platform where you can make your consultation
and appointment with desired doctors.


In an emergency you can find a
nearby blood donor on a paakhealth
application and website.

Why us

PaakHealth provides users with end to end solutions to their health problems on
a single application.

We know what
you want

PaakHealth is the best medical app for patients, providing ways to improve healthcare access using advanced technology.  PaakHealth services include online doctor appointments & consultations through audio/video calling, availability of e-pharmacy. and an easy access to blood banks utilizing its resources to bridge the gap between blood donors and acceptors.
One of our top goals is to reduce barriers to basic healthcare access for Pakistanis, particularly in rural areas. Being the best medical app for patients, it connects you with a nearby doctor, pharmacy, and blood banks across the country. Moreover, it is the best health app for Android free as well as for IOS. Rather than the patient visiting the hospital, the hospital visits the patient. So, that’s what makes PaakHealth stands out as the only single choice through its technology driven ways to improve healthcare access.

We do this through the introduction of technology tying healthcare with convenience and accessibility. We are using the ubiquitous nature of mobile technology to our use in promoting the health care that the public deserves.

Consult a doctor online
via our app or book an appointment before a visit

Paakhealth is a premier medical care platform where technological advancement is thought to be the only way to revolutionize the health industry. Mobile technology brings ease in our daily life, where we can interact with our relatives and friends from every corner of the world in real time through video chat, we are also making educational learning possible through video conferences while sitting at home.

On our platform we offer video consultation and appointment with your concern doctor in real time where you can have a detail session regarding your health issues. You can have access to specialized doctors around the world on PaakHealth application.

Get your medicines
delivered at your doorstep
in just one step

Now, you can have your prescribed medicines just in an hour while being in your preferred space. You don’t need to get stuck in traffic for hours and visit different pharmacies which consume your time and energy while looking for medicines you need.

We are here to give you the leverage of hassle free medication service on your doorstep regardless of your location anywhere across the country. Paak-health pharmacy section provides you the opportunity to order your medicine anytime and anywhere.

Help the needy one by
donating blood

Our unique design and innovative approach to healthcare solutions, Paak-health has come up with emergency service, where you can find your required blood donor in a nearby location in an emergency situation. PaakHealth is the first ever platform where you can find a blood donor and can register yourself for the purpose of donating your blood to save lives of thousands around you.

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